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Digital Marketing for Hotels: 38 Tips to Grow Hotel Business.


Digital Marketing for Hotels 

Considering a business hotel involved lot of capital investment. But if that is the only investment you think is enough; you might be mistaken! Opening the shutter does not quote the business to be successful. In the era of technology, when Google answers every single question for users, capital investment in hotel business is just not enough!

It is significant to plan marketing and growth strategies considering the online platform as well. Consider yourself as a traveler who wishes to visit Paris, for an instance. In order to find the best hotels in the location, your initial move will be running fingers on your phone and asking Google about the same, isn’t it?

Now consider the similar scenario, but you are the hotel owner here. What if your hotel is not even shown on the Google page? Will you expect that guest to book a stay in your hotel? Absolutely not! And that’s why, one need to invest in different methods to market and promote their business online as well.

38 Tips to Grow Hotel Business Online. 

#1 Hotel website!

Not having a website is a big NO! The entire visibility and promotion of hotel booking is based online and that’s why it is important to have a website at a first place. And when you are creating the website, it must look attractive and must have all the necessary information, gallery, and blog section and contact details. It is vital to keep the site compatible to mobile screen along with better optimization especially on the booking section. Keep it simple for users to navigate properly.

Hotel Website

#2 Virtual tour of your hotel

If you can give a virtual tour of your hotel to the customers already; they get a feel of the stay. Virtual tour, thus, will increase the audience on the page and eventually the bookings as well. Your customers DO NOT know that the pool in your hotel also has a Jacuzzi and steam facility. But a virtual tour of the pool on your site will definitely excite the customers to your hotel.

#3 Update your site with fresh content on FAQs

Trust me; people always screen your website. There are lots of questions that people need answers for while booking a hotel. So make sure you survey such questions, and update your FAQ section on the site with the updates that people need to hear!

#4 Hire an expert for digital marketing

There are various tools to work upon when it comes to digital marketing. And if you think just posting live stories on instagram is going to help you succeed with the same, you’re wrong! You need an expert digital marketing employee that can help in ranking your site and social media visibility to the expected corners.

#5 Never forget to play with SEO and SMO grounds

SEO tools help you in ranking on the Google page as well as social media. It helps improving the visibility of your page. Do not burn your fingers by playing with SEO and SMO tools. Rather, hire an expert who can help in better ranking and optimization of the site.

#6 Create event calendar on the site

Who knows that you have invited a famous band to perform in your hotel, until and unless you post the same on your site or social media? And thus, it is highly advised to upload an event calendar for the users to see and book their stay in your hotel.

#7 Ask for tripadvisor review from your customers

When you know that your guests enjoyed every minute in your hotel, ask them to spare some time and rate you. One of the most popular and genuine platform on hotel reviews is TripAdvisor. Request them to rate you and review their stay for other users to see it. It helps in improving the branding of your hotel on digital platform.


#8 USE CRM platform to touch base your existing customers

You will find many IT companies offering CRM platforms for the hotels to keep a record of every guest and visitor in their hotel. Maintaining CRM platform will help you touch down information about guests like their anniversary, birthday and so on. You can always call them for wishes and offer extra discounts on hotel stay. They will surely remember your hotel name whenever they come to visit that area as you were the one who made them feel special!

#9 Talk to your customers on social media

People are active on social media all the time. If they wish to chat with you or comment something on your page, it is important to respond them actively. They will important as you are paying sincere attention to their queries.

#10 Chat on human level and not automated

Oh come on! No one likes to chat with a robot on the website. Get a personal feel with your guests. Assure them that it is a human chatting with them and trying to resolve their issues and queries.

#11 Promote special prices for group events

You might miss out opportunities like conducting huge seminar or an event for a multinational company. So do not forget to mention the special discounts on the same. Promote your group discounts and event stories on the site for a package deal.

#12 Promote loyalty programs to your existing customers

So this is how it works: When your guests refer other people to book the stay in your hotel, they earn some loyalty points can be redeemed for further bookings or using amenities in the hotel. When you launch such loyalty programs, you are likely going to invite more guests on board.

Customer Loyalty Program Hotels

#13 Advertise your hotel on review sites like Yelp!

People active on social media are definite about yelp reviews. So ask your happy guests and customers to review about your services on the same site. Good reviews on yelp can increase more potential in your hotel, says my gut!

#14 Promote the sites nearby your hotel

Whether it’s a wonderful shopping mall in your locality or an amusement part for kids, make sure you update the same on your site as well. Guests are likely to notice the same as they wish to stay that can help them understand the locality and activities in the city.

#15 Let customer’s selfies be part of your website

Who doesn’t like selfies! I know I do! And when your guests are clicking the same in your hotel, make sure you promote the same in your website and social media page as well. It will help in increasing more followers on the page as your guests will be sharing your posts on their wall as well. Or may be dedicate one spot of your hotel just for clicking selfies! Make sure you keep fancy props for the guests to get attracted to the dedicated spot.

#16 PPC advertising

Pay per click advertising helps in promoting your hotel services on many different platforms. But of course, you must hire an expert digital marketing employee to help you service the best results of PPC advertising.

#17 Special discounts or complimentary services to bloggers and travel agents

Officering discounts or complimentary services can be really tricky, I understand! But offering the same to bloggers means attracting more people to read about your hotel services and amenities who are following the blogger’s page from years! You might not earn the benefits of the same immediately, but eventually you will! And travel agents will promote your hotel for the guests planning a trip in your city.

#18 Google my business page must be mandatory!

Don’t you want your potential guests to know the address map, number and ratings on the first page when they look up for your hotel on Google? For such a presence, it is vital to register your hotel details on business page. So pen down the same in your list as well.

Google My Business Page

#19 Keep the booking session on the website easy

Honestly, not everyone is a geek these days! For some people, it is difficult to even operate a booking site. And if you are going to make it complicated, you might be losing on exiting bookings. So make sure that your online booking procedure is easy to follow.

#20 Add local activities as part of package on the booking site

Is there an amazing event or a rock show happening in your city? If yes, it’s time to promote the same because there will be music lovers from entire nation attending that show. And of course they will a place to stay. And you know the drill from there. So do promote local events or activities for people to find the best place to stay.

#21 Instagram and tweet your updates!

Everyone is active on social media these days. In fact, most of the business is grown with an excellent approach and presence of instagram and twitter. So make sure you update all the exciting offers on instagram and tweet them often; trust me: you will be surprised with the increasing bookings.

#22 Use facebook to chat and talk with your customers

People are much comfortable talking and chatting on facebook these days. And you might come across some potential customers who are comfortable just chatting with you. Do not hold it back and keep chatting with them. Once you answer all their queries, they are definitely booking a stay in your hotel soon.

#23 Ask influencers, bloggers and vloggers to promote your hotel

Influencers are known to be influencers for a reason! People get influence by their lifestyle and choices in life. And if you can invite influencers for stay in your hotel, their followers are most likely going to book your hotel for the next time they are in the city.

influencers for hotel

#24 Always respond to comments and reviews

Reviews can be anywhere! In fact, yelp and glass door will help you understand what your guests really think about you and your services. And in case, you find any negative review, make sure you respond to them and may be offering them some complimentary service for a better review next time.

#25 Landing page aligned to your ads is important

If you are active on social media and paying to get paid ads on different ads and sites it is important to keep a track of the same. It is vital to keep your landing page attractive and TO THE POINT for the guests to realize their booking in that same second.

#26 Promote excellent work and support of your staff on the website as well

Appreciating and promoting the excellent dedication of your staff on your site will bring better confidence in them. Not only it is going to help them become more loyal to you, but they promote the hotel services with all their knowledge. They feel pride being part of your hotel, and the guests appreciate such professional gestures too!

#27 Go live with your events in the hotel

When organizing an event in the hotel, going live on social media will help in attracting your audience. The ‘hash tags’ tool on social media is just brilliant these days! Not only, you will have influencers checking your event, but you will have people around the world who are going to pen down the name of your hotel, the net time they visit that place.

GoLive On Social Media

#28 Ask celebrities to promote your hotel

This is an investment you will never regret. People are crazy about celebrity lifestyles and follow them blindly sometimes. And if you have a celebrity to promote your hotel on their social media, you are about get famous already! You might have to offer free gifts or stay for the celebrities, but hey! Its all worth if you are getting the desired publicity and more booking at your hotel.

#29 Make your customers feel like a star for a day on your website

How about you shoot a movie on your guests and make them feel like a superstar? Not only that but you post their pictures and shoots on your site. I mean who doesn’t like that? They feel like a star in your hotel, and review the best possible feedbacks for you and apparently bringing more guests next time.

#30 Create a Facebook group

Creating a Facebook group will help you add all your guests and networks in that group. You can upload all the updates and events in the group for your guests to see. It will help in pulling your guests back to your hotel again. In fact, you can request your guests to post their pictures and uploads in the Facebook group for better networking and promotion.

#31 Keep your site engaged all the time

If you see any question or query raised on your site, always keep yourself engaged to the audience. It gives a personal touch that you actually care about them, and believe me: that’s all they need from you!

#32 Incentivize your customers to market you online

Well, not every customer coming to your hotel is an influencer. But it does not mean that you cannot incentivize them! They might have a huge family who is traveling all the time to different places. Or maybe, your guest is an Executive Assistant to his MD who is responsible to book hotel stays for the delegates. You can incentivize them for further discounts on their stay if they bring more guests and customers to your hotel.

#33 Send compliments, wishes and gifts to your partners and guests

You might have organized a conference for a multinational company once, but they might have forgotten about you already! Send them some gifts and complimentary discounts on festivals for them to bring their families in the hotel for holiday. Such an approach helps in maintaining emotions with your partnered corporate or clients. And not only to the corporates, must you send wishes to your guests on their birthday and anniversary. Make sure you mention the name of your hotel very clearly!

#34 Sales team well-coordinated with your digital marketing team

Having a sales team on board helps in taking take of all the enquiries and nearby event updated to attract more guests in the hotel. And if they are well coordinated with the digital marketing team, it can help in bringing better promotional ideas as they are the front face for the guests and knows exactly what the guests need.

Sales Team Hotel

#35 Online hotel listing

Listing your hotel online doubles your revenues and presence from what it might be right now. Everyone is habitual of searching every small requirement online; of course hotel booking is also a primary search. And thus, make sure you realize listing on popular hotel sites like:

  • Booking. com
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Hotels. com
  • Trivago. com
  • Google Page
  • TripAdvisor

#36 Make Weekends worth living!

You can plan special discounts and promote the same online for guests to get attracted. Most of the people look for a break or may be hotel stay outside their city just to spend some quality time with their family away from work. Promoting the weekend’s special discounts will invite many people in your hotel.

#37 Tie-up with different organizations and corporates

Every year, there are number of college, schools and in fact corporates organizing trip outside the city. It’s a great deal to offer them your amenities and booking features at an affordable price. So make your sales team strategize their work to get more tie-ups done.

#38 Get Chatbots!

It is impossible t be online all time. Chatbots is a platform that stores the queries of the guests along with their contact details and mail ID. It helps in creating a better database of people who landed on your site as well keeping in touch with those you couldn’t chat before.

Chatbots for Hotels

So now you have a list to pen down. Hurry up and start working on each pointer and do share how it helped your hotel with better visibility and bookings.

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