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12 Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing for Travel Business.


12 Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing for Travel Business

Digital Marketing is the new wave in the marketing industry. It is basically the the the marketing of the products and services online on various social media platforms. With technological advancements happening every month, minute or even seconds, everything is changing from print to online. Be it micro or a macro brand, Top MNC or a startup, food company or a clothing company all of them are pushing their limits to try their hands on digital marketing for the best results. Over the past few hours, online branding has taken over the market. 72% of the citizens already have smartphones with a minimum of the 2G net, and an average person spends 3.5 hours on the phone daily. This is a win-win situation for the digital industry to boom with such wide viewership.

Digital marketing has been incorporated into the daily lives of the brands due to the need of the hour. Hence, with such a booming industry it becomes absolutely important for any brand to use digital services to Increase its viewership.

Travel Industry has been on a roll. It’s is growing by each passing day. Also, there is a tremendous amount of competition in the industry currently which makes it even more vital for every company to use new and unique ways to increase their market visibility. If your company is lacking behind in terms of digital marketing, then it’s time to buckle up.

Digital Marketing for Travel Agency

Here are some of the very benefits of Digital Marketing for Travel Business:

#1 Increases the viewership for your travel Agency: Digital marketing acts like a magic wand for the business if done properly. It is very vital for your business to be super active on various social media platforms. Regular posting on social media platforms can increase engagement. Engagement and viewership are directly related to each other. More the engagement more the viewership and vice versa. Hence, it is advisable for all travel agencies to start building their social media presence to be able to stay in this competitive league.

#2 Digital Marketing is cost-effective: Unlike print, where one has to pay a heavy cost for each and every article to be posted, print is very cost effective. It costs absolutely nothing to make your own social media account and start posting content about your business. Even the SEO articles take a very minimum amount of charge. Adding on to this, the ROI on digital marketing is really very effective. One tends to spend less and get more, what else needed right? Hence, digital marketing should become one of the very important marketing campaigns for every agency on an everyday basis.

#3 The video brings you more audience: It a natural human tendency to get attracted to videos more than pictures because it gives us more time to view a particular amount of content. Digital marketing agencies help various businesses to create and make various videos for the clients and help them to share on various social media platforms. Spending on videos is a very wise decision as it helps to get more viewership which in turn helps to get more business.

#4 Focus on Online Reviews: For any business, reviews are extremely very important. Review on platforms and pages likes Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor etc. add a lot of impact on your business. Focus on Reviews and you will get more leads for your travel business. In this digital era, mostly all travellers book their trips before reading reviews online. You should be pro-active in asking your clients to write reviews by sharing their experiences. One good review on your page has the possibility to bring you, 100 potential customers.

#5 Invest on your website: Your travel website is very important for your business as it acts as your CV. This is the the the the first impression for any client and has to be taken care of. Elements such as Tour packages, hotel, enquiry forms, online booking, and blog section should be managed properly. Also, website which is a very important part of digital marketing helps in simplifying the designs and points which the business wants to share with its clients.

#6 SEO: SEO (Search engine optimization) is the new big thing which is breaking all records on the internet. Digital marketing helps you to place on top of the search results. For instance, if you tend to search ‘Best Travel Package to Kerala’, it is a natural tendency that we will click on the website that is at the search engine result page. Hence, it becomes very important for every travel agency to be active with SEO articles. It’s always better to be present than to be invisible in your own domain.

#7 Heavy traffic of online users: The number of mobile users has drastically increased over the years with the advancement in smartphones and telecom industry. Almost now within a click, it becomes super easy to book any and everything. Travellers around the world don’t go for planned trips anymore, they plan their trips a few hours in advance. The Internet has made the lives of many people a lot easier and comfortable. Hence being active online is a must now.

#8 Social media attracts customers to book online: Social media has captured 60% of the digital marketing industry. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have millions of active users. Each and every brand or agency tried it’s level best to be active on such platforms to capture the market and gather more viewership. Social media helps in making the business get more eyeballs which in turn help in getting more business.

#9 Influencer Marketing: Currently Influencer marketing is the new age of-of digital marketing for various brands and websites. Almost every top-notch brand or agency is striking hard to make their entry into influencer marketing. Influencers are people who are more engaging than any celebrity as they have their share of audience who actually follow them for their passion. Influencers are able to generate maximum results. With a subtle integration by partnering with the right kind of travel, influencers help in getting maximum viewership. Currently, there are various travel bloggers and what exactly is the target audience of all the travel agencies. With subtle influencer campaigns on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the website or the brand is able to run interesting adds. Videos naturally are very attractive and help in maximum viewership. These influencers in a very creative way to to help in maximizing the reach of the brand.

#10 Invest in Travel Stories: Travel stories also form an important part of digital marketing. It is important to have regular blog posts on a website related to various topics on travelling such as different places to visit, then the the the the experience of guests, etc. While people plan for a holiday, they look for such blog posts and such experiences. This adds a lot of impact and value to the business and helps in multiplying the number of existing clients drastically.

#11 Email Marketing: Mails are the best friends for everyone. In a day everyone checks their mail at-least for 3-4 times. Hence, Email marketing becomes all the more useful and vital. The business should send regular emails in the form of newsletters to all it’s existing and potential clients regularly. This helps in two things. Firstly, relationship building with the client, which is of utmost importance. Second, it helps in building trust with the client. This also helps in word of mouth marketing which is considered as the best source of marketing.

#12 Online Advertisements: Actively running sponsored adds on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram add an immense amount of support to your business. These platforms combined give Billion + viewership on a daily basis. They make the best fit to run such effective ads. It is always advised to make a good presence on various online platforms for more clients. Unlike print which charges more and delivers less, online adds charge less and deliver more, adding up to the ROI in the best possible manner. From celebrities, influencers, bloggers, mothers, fathers, teachers, brands etc all of them are very active online and it becomes the reason why one should use more of digital marketing.

These were some very common reasons which tell us why Investing in Digital marketing can be the best decision for your business. With competition just increasing day by day, every travel agency wants to outshine and be the first choice for the public. However, to fit in that league it also becomes important to put in that kind of efforts. Digital marketing acts as a blessing in today’s life for all the businesses our their. It helps the business to grow in no time if the content is good. Being active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc, Google SEO, advertisements, blogs and websites helps in giving your business a big boost. This directly affects the viewership, which in turn helps in increasing the business. Hence, digital marketing shall be made as a day to day part of the business for better results.

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