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30 Best Methods To Generate Leads For Travel Agencies.

Travel Leads


The travel industry is considered to be one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the world. It is also considered as one of the fastest growing industry. If you are creative and want to help others by providing the constant services then you are way ahead to keep up your tourist needs. As more and more people are travelling constantly every, there is a huge range of job opportunities and prospects for the travel industry. You might be wondering, as many travel agencies are in the market how can you generate your leads for your travel business.

Here are some of the methods which can help to reach your travel business to next levels.

#1 Word of Mouth Marketing:– This is one of the marketing methods which can be learnt with the social interactions with the satisfied customers for a particular product or brand. This can be easily learnt from the video tutorials, talking with prospective customers, in-depth researching on the various prospects of a business etc. This is one of the simplest ways which can help to promote your business in a short period of time.

Word of mouth marketing travel leads

#2 Attractive Website:– A website is an important element of a business as it acts as a platform between potential customers and the service provider. The attractive website creates a visual bond amongst the customers and also tries to put the first-hand impression in the minds potential customers.


#3 Chatbots: – Chatbots have become extremely popular in recent years as it is been used in every website; basically, it is a computer program which simulates human conversation/chat through artificial intelligence. Chatbots will communicate with a real person; however, the interaction takes place via written messages or voice. This is an important tool as it helps to grow the engagement with the customers and one of the new ways of doing business.

#4 Network with organizations:- You need to build a network of organizations who will be responsible for carrying out a special tour in schools, colleges or corporate tours etc. Some special discount or cashback needs to be given to the students of schools or colleges in order to grab more and more customers. This will help you in promoting your business and get hold of new leads.

#5 Build your Community:- As most of the people try to hang out on the social media platform; you should be able to build a community by creating a facebook group this will help to engage with your customers and you will be able to understand your customer’s needs, likes or dislikes. Try to update your newsfeed on social media with the upcoming trips, give discounted holiday packages, try to inform customers of what to visit or what not to by writing blogs, posting client images etc, in this way you can get more referrals and leads for your business.

#6 Conduct Special Events/ Travel Shows:- For a constant engagement with customers, you need to carry out some special events in any community centres so that customers are more acquainted with your product or services. In order to build a brand value for your business; you need to assure the customers about your product and services through some small TV shows like TTF, SAATE etc. Grow your network with the vendors for the easy distribution of your product or services.

#7 Referral Program:- Try to conduct some referral program which can help you to fetch some of the best customers and also increase your customer loyalty for the existing customers by investing for your brand. For example- if you refer our product to your friends or family, you will some per cent discount for your next travel destination. Such programs are very beneficial for the long run.

#8 Brochure and Corporate Literature:- Brochures needs to designed in such a way so that the customers are aware of the product and what are the benefits the customers gonna get. Though most of the brochures fail miserably, it is an important element for the visual understanding of any product.


#9 Graphic Design:- Design your company logo, tour packages etc, in such a way that it builds a trust among the customers. The posters need to be really attractive and creative so that the customers can relate to the product. Moreover, try to post the posters over the social media platforms such that people are aware of the product.

#10 SEO:- In order to increase the quality and quantity amount of traffic over your website is through organic search. Both technical and creative elements are required in order to increase the website rankings, drive traffic and increase the awareness in search engines. It also deals with the keywords or phrases which is needed to be used to increase the traffic. This is an important tool to increase your leads.

#11 Live stream of new destinations:- It’s been seen that most of the customers are not aware that how the new destination will look like or it will be worth it to go and visit a new place. In such a case you need to do conduct some live streaming shows so that people are aware that how the new destination looks like.

#12 Social Media Marketing:- Social Media can help you better by connecting with your target audiences and it is one of the best advertising media where you can spread about brand awareness to your target audiences. As more and more people are joining social media sites, the digital media industry is booming and this can help you generate more and more leads.


#13 Use the power of referral gifts:– Sending referral gifts to your existing customers can also help you to improve your service policies and can also help you to generate more and more leads for your business.

#14 Join different Facebook groups or Communities:– By connecting with various facebook groups it can help to understand the requirements of different kinds of customers and help to grow your network for the new business leads. If you are a B2C company, Facebook is the best marketing channel where you can make most out of it and also catch hold of other factors.

#15 Facebook Ads:- Advertisements on Facebook is considered to be one of the most efficient methods of marketing and it can help you to reach over 2 million people. Moreover, Facebook has the ability to connect with all the users of the world based on their location, age, gender, interests and more. Though Facebook ads can cost you with some money; it completely depends on your budget that how much you want to invest depending upon your target audience.

#16 Google Ads:– It is an advertising platform developed by Google where the advertisers can show their brief advertisements, product listings, video content etc, these ads are basically based on the cookies and the keywords which were decided by the advertisers. You can easily reach your to your target audiences instantly and it can help you grow your business leads.


#17 Write your own travel column:- You should maintain your own personal travel blog, which will help the customers to know more about your product and the services in a much detailed way. Moreover, they will also be able to gain more knowledge about a particular travel destination, if it is mentioned in a most systematic way through travel columns or blogs.

#18 Quora: – It is one of the effective platforms where the potential customers or business people come across on the roof to ask some questions about your business, product or services. You need to answer their questions in brief so that the customers learn more about your business and try to build a trust in the product. Moreover, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert and influencer which will help you to generate more leads.

#19 Extend your B2B Network:- Though you are working as a B2C company it is very important to develop business partners in order to strengthen your value in the market. Business partners can help you to reach new markets, new customers and get you with new ideas. Making a B2B partner is just a tip of the iceberg., keeping this requires a lot of hard work.

Reseller SparkoTech

#20 YouTube Channel:– You should start with a YouTube Channel as today’s generation believes in a product and services when they watch a short video. It can fetch you with a lot more potential customers if your content is attractive and amazing. Not only these, in fact, YouTube will also start paying you once you are getting a lot of views and subscribers; its just a win-win situation for your business.

#21 Classified Ads:– Sometimes a marketing Channel is often overlooked by many people who are looking to promote their business. Free ads are available on numerous sites that are very popular among the masses. Try to choose from the classics like a yellow page or widely popular craigslist. These sites can get an enormous amount of traffic daily, so you never know who can stumble upon your advert.

#22 Content Marketing:- This form of marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material such as blogs and social media posts it does not explicitly promotes a brand but tries to simulate an interest or services amongst the customers. Content marketing is one of the slow methods in getting a traffic over your website but it is very effective once the customer has positive reviews about the product; a brand loyalty is built in this method of marketing.


#23 Manage Online Reviews:- There’s a saying that the reputation is only the revenue which is earned by a firm. According to the Olery reports that 81% of travel reviews are important and 49% won’t book a property without reading reviews. So it is utmost important for a travel industry to write reviews in any platform so as to catch hold of more and more customers.

#24 Newsletters:– It is a powerful technique for building the online reputation with a defined audience over a period of time and to regularly send them a newsletter which can either be free or paid subscription. Newsletters can be used to you as an authority in your marketplace, to build closer relationships with clients. You can use them to educate your target market so they can make more informed and more frequent buying decisions or educate them to the full extent of your services and how you can add value through those services.

#25 Leaflet Drops or Inserts:- This can give you a direct approach to engage with customers or businesses by dropping the leaflets at homes or offices of the customers at any time. Moreover, it is a low-cost combination of letter and brochure advertising.

#26 Find Resellers:- Reseller will expand your sales channel and profitability of your business quickly and effectively. You should find a global platform to connect with manufacturers, vendors, and distributors who will expand your sales channel and find new ways to add value and increase the revenue.

#27 Dream 100 clients, provide best services and they will refer you:- Providing best services is one of the best ways to market your product in the market. Moreover, this can be very helpful in fetching new customers and obviously referral program is a boon to a business.

#28 Sales Person: – An inseparable part of any industry is the salesperson if there is no sales happening than no revenue is being generated for your company. You need to employ the best potential sales person who has the ability to sell your product in the market but also tries to develop a certain loyalty from the customers.

#29 Landing Pages:- A landing page is a web page which a visitor lands on for a distinct purpose. While a landing page can be used for various reasons, one of its most frequent uses is to capture leads through the use of forms, offers, trials etc. It is better for you to house your landing pages from outbound campaigns on your own server so the traffic goes to your website and not the facilitators. If you do use a third party for landing pages be mindful that your campaigns help increase their SEO ranking but will not benefit your own. This is something to consider when setting up landing pages.


#30 Regular Press Release:– The Press release is required in order to announce the travel industry’s news which will include news tours, awards and promotions. These press released articles for the local newspaper, national newspapers and magazines can fetch you with the potential leads.

These are some of the methods which you need to keep in mind in order to bring leads for your new travel industry. Try to show your potential customers, how you are different from other brands by building a trust in your customers. The essence of your brand can only be recognized when your customers value your product or services. Try to provide a free trial or demo versions and incentives to your customers. I hope you learnt something from this very long blog.

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