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9 Best Methods to Convert Travel leads into Paying Customers.


9 Best Methods to Convert Travel leads into Paying Customers

Whether it’s a travel agency or an advisory, nobody wants to lose their potential leads to their competitors. However, quite often we confuse ourselves by quoting that our competitors might be pitching the travel packages on lower margins. But the reality is far more vast and different.

The real planning starts once a potential is landed on your website or social media page. But to convert travel leads into customers, might just require more than a silly inquiry call to your potential audience. The chances are that your sales team might be complaining about the customers to offer them something more in lesser price which is impossible to realize sometimes.

The reality, however, is much more painful because failing sales lead might be realized by less obvious reasons on the board.

Whether it’s a family trip or a honeymoon package that your potential client might be exploring on the internet, once you dig deep you will realize that it comes to real solutions to convert your sales lead to paying guests.

Let’s understand them closely.

#1 Be Open for Business, 24 hours if possible

At a psychological level if you pay attention, most of the trips are browsed around when they are sitting with their family or partners in the night. However, the timing might not be professional, but they might buzz in the middle of the night or early morning. And you will only be able to gain their trust by reaching them out as soon as possible which will help you to convert Travel Leads into Customers.

So being a travel solution provider, you might want to chat with them or say ‘hello’ to them at their sweet timing. They will always appreciate you as the first people to watch their travel needs. So you might want to be available for any sales leads to pop at any hour of the day. So be prepared for the same!

#2 DO NOT ignore Price Shoppers!

Well, to be honest, price shoppers can be annoying sometimes. But you cannot really blame them for such an attitude. In fact, we all might have been price shoppers at some point, may be at an apparel showroom or while buying insurance! Price shoppers in fact help you to be better at your job. They might have spoken to many other travel partners before speaking to you. And yes, closing such a deal might be challenging.

But just ignoring price shoppers is not really a solution. They might just be passing their time and might not really book their vacation. But the fact is even they are aware that they are messing around with you, and if you deal with them patiently, they might choose you at their permanent travel partner at all times.

#3 Be persistent and accurate with the leads

So what if the people are busy in a middle of their board meeting, but they surely expect a timely response from you. Of course, you do not want to call them in the middle of a meeting, but a gesture of sending a friendly email will help them know that you are available at their service and you might be succeeding to convert travel Leads into Customers.

And it must be regulated by polite and humble follow-ups with them. And if the lead decides to postpone their trip or choose another agent to travel, you must not be disheartened. Wish them all the luck and update them on your database. You can send them polite updates on any new travel package you come across. But do not be too pushy about the same; otherwise you might be hanging in their phone’s block list.

#4 Be Passionate, ALWAYS!

It has been rapidly seen with the online leads, that once a sales representative are talking to them for the first time, they become an encyclopedia for them. However, this might not really be needed. You get one chance for first impression when you call them and you must focus on building trust and respect for your knowledge. You can of course, paint the entire picture of vacation on the phone but do not sound too over confident; this is where you will lose it!

Be passionate not pushy! Get them excited, not forceful only then you will be able to convert Travel Leads into Customers.

#5 Get them to like you on social media page!

Irrespective of the decision of online lead to choose you as their traveling partner, you might want to invite them to follow you. Most of the vacations these days are encouraged by social media. For an instance, a traveler passionate about adventure, might book a skydiving experience if he locates that excitement on social media page.

So you must make sure that the page they brose around and get excited about skydiving, must be YOURS! This will help you generate more traffic on your blog, website and social media page which might turn into traveling guests for the future.

#6 How is your online profile?

Whether you are an owner of the travel agency or working there as a sales representative, your online profile must be fulfilling the responsibilities in your real life. Once you have an exciting online profile, your potential leads get attracted to the same. You must be able to build a trust digitally, that you are the best travel partners for them!

And it does not include your company page, but your individual online presence on the social media. For an instance, a live video with your happy customers on your social media page is a game changing strategy. So dress your page as fancy as you want your customer’s traveling experience with you! Don’t forget to expand your networks as well, as it will help you with better visibility.

#7 Call out for Social Proof

When a celebrity endorses your product on social media to attract more customers is one type of social proof. However, inviting celebrities is not one option. You might want to ask your existing travel customers to endorse or recommend your company to others on social media. Social proof, in many ways, help in improving your recommendations by the world to your potential leads. If you do not understand the psychology of social proof, you might want to outsource the same to your digital marketing team.

But do not ignore this method as this psychology work wonders for the travel agencies.

#8 Ask for help from your existing customers

Well, it does not mean that you really have to beg your customers to refer you more clients. A help must be asked in the sophisticated manner. Online video testimonial or even a single Google review by your existing customers really helps to build more trust.

Speaking of testimonials, try not to face it! There are bunch of companies who face the testimonials on their site. Rather, a video testimonial with all the information about your customer will take you on a long run. Believe it or not: people will know if you are faking any reviews or testimonials! So be original and unique about the same.

#9 Incentivize your existing customers or potential leads

Understand this with an example: If your existing customers plan a lot of vacations in a year, or work in a big giant corporate, offering them a little exceptive might really work. You can either offer discounts or a free short trip to the nearest place, and yes, it will definitely work. But of course, your code of conduct and politeness will matter the most here.

However, how you pursue such an offer matters the most. It is important to build trust with them to convert travel Leads into Customers. And do not want to sound desperate to them; otherwise you might lose them as well! The offers must be made in the sophisticated manner without hurting someone’s emotions.


With the mentioned methods followed rigorously, you will be able to convert Travel Leads into Customers in to time. However, you must be smart at dealing with your leads. I tis important to understand their attitude and convince them in the tone they most appreciate of! Yes, it can be challenging, but with a right approach, you might end up with successful revenue improvement. A little patience and smart attitude is what is really needed!

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